The Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA) was passed into California law in fall of 2014 and took effect in January 2015. SGMA requires that state-designated medium and high-priority basins and sub-basins must form a groundwater sustainability agency and develop a long-term GSP. In Kern County, the designated basins/sub-basins are Indian Wells Valley Sub-basin, Kern County Sub-basin, and Cuyama Valley Basin. These basins must comply with SGMA.

General Information


Water Management Planning Tool 

California Water Commission Approved Groundwater Sustainability Plan Regulations

Groundwater Resource Sustainability: Modeling Evaluation for the Naval Air Weapons Station in China Lake                                   

Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Sustainability Plan (IWVGSP) Homepage Created by Stetson Engineers

California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring (CASGEM)


CASGEM mandates a statewide groundwater elevation monitoring program to track seasonal and long term trends in priority groundwater basins in California.

Map showing unmonitored CASGEM groundwater basins

List identifying fully and partially unmonitored CASGEM priority basins

CASGEM status designation in Kern County:

  • Cuyama Valley groundwater basin - partially monitored

  • Indian Wells Valley groundwater basin - fully monitored

  • Kern County groundwater sub-basin - partially monitored

Contact Information


If you have any questions or concerns related to sustainability groundwater in the Indian Wells Valley area, contact: 

Don Zdeba - Acting General Manager, Indian Wells Valley Groundwater Authority




Lauren Duffy - IWVGA Clerk of the Board of Directors



Board Members & Staff


Chairman Ron Kicinski - Indian Wells Valley Water District

Vice-chair Mick Gleason - Kern County

Director Matt Kingsley - Inyo County

Director Scott Hayman - City of Ridgecrest

Director Luther Snoke - San Bernardino County

Commander Peter Benson - Department of the Navy*

Ryan Klausch - Bureau of Land Management (BLM)*

(*Indicates non-voting members)

Don Zdeba - Acting General Manager 

Steve Johnson - Water Resources Manager

James Worth - Board Counsel

Lauren Duffy - Clerk of the Board